I’d like to introduce myself as Miss Piggy, a woman in her early 30s living in Melbourne, Australia. I  love reading and writing about personal finance and because I want to stay completely transparent about my personal finances, my blog is written under a nom de plume to keep my identity private and anonymous.

This blog is a personal, anonymous journal about my financial journey to financial independence. I don’t ever intend to commercialise it. Instead, my intention is to write often about my successes and fails, be honest and accountable to myself and my readers, and hopefully help others along the way find value and significance in personal finance.

I hope that you too find inspiration in my writing, pick up some tips here and there and one day even start your own journey towards financial independence, however long that may take.

I haven’t left any contact details intentionally, however, if you want to reach out, please leave a comment in a blog post.

xx Miss Piggy

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