Frugal February Update No. 2

It’s near the end of the month and end of the Frugal February challenge. The last couple of weeks were less frugal as Mr Piggybanks and I celebrated Valentine’s day and an anniversary however still a few frugal wins to add to the list.

  1. Unsubscribed from retailers and brands on Instagram that I no longer value to avoid being exposed to unnecessary consumerism.
  2. Received a free lunch from work so was able to save my packed lunch for the following day.
  3. I wasted half-full bottles of wine which went off so bought 2x vacuum wine bottle caps for $20 off eBay to keep wine for longer. While this is spending money, hopefully it saves wasting good wine in the future.
  4. Mr Piggybanks and I created a budget for our joint account so we don’t overspend on home and joint expenses and can budget in advance for utilities.
  5. I updated my own personal budget so I know how each dollar of income is being allocated, with a few to reasonably reduce spending while giving myself enough money for enjoyment.
  6. I’m spending more time at home, especially with the weather getting colder and enjoying low-cost weekends.
  7. I’ve been using up ‘all the bits’ in the pantry and fridge by finding recipes which maximise old bits and pieces that have been sitting in the pantry for months.

Have you had any frugal wins this month? Write below!

xx Miss Piggy

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