Frugal February Update No.1

At the beginning of February, I joined the Frugal February challenge to consciously reduce costs for one month. We’re halfway through the month, with a couple of months to go and so far the savings are already accumulating.

We’ve just started a third lockdown here in Melbourne so with non-essential businesses shut for at least a week, this will help reduce costs until the end of the month. In 2 weeks, I’ve already saved or received benefits of $857.

Frugal February savings:

  1. At the end of January I converted my work locker into a work pantry. Earlier this month, I used my emergency locker pantry for lunch as I hadn’t meal prepped and didn’t bring lunch to work. Saved $13 by not buying lunch at a cafe.
  2. I made coffee at work using my work Aeropress coffee press instead of buying coffee after rushing out the door. Saved $5
  3. I pre-paid for a month public transport pass and received a significant discount. Saved $101 by not paying as I go for tram tickets.
  4. Received a 6% discount per month on my current healthy policy using staff discount. This saved me $34 a month, or $408 over the year.
  5. I used my private health insurance benefits and purchased 2 x reading glasses. There was a 2-for-1 promotion on glasses and the cost was completely covered by my health insurance. Saved $149.
  6. I switched optical retailers and chose to buy my contacts from a health-fund supported retailer rather than a non-health fund retailer. By doing so, I doubled my claim allowance. Bought 4 boxes of contact lenses, all covered by health insurance. Saved $56 by switching retailers.
  7. A third lockdown has started in Melbourne and my workplace provided a generous financial assistance allowance to buy office furniture to support us working from home. I purchased a monitor and ergonomic chair, completely covered by work. Saved $499 for the furniture.

Total savings in 2 weeks: $857. Wow!

xx Miss Piggy

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  1. Always pays to check your employment entitlements!

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