January Net Worth & Spending: +$130,614

For new and existing readers, this is my journey as an anonymous 30-something Australian blogger progressing from -$20,000 net worth in Nov 2016 to financial independence. Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit subscribe to stay posted!

Welcome back to the blog and another monthly update of my net worth and spending. After a moderately (but expected) spendy December, January has reigned it in and I’m very happy with the progress. My net worth has taken a slight dip (approx -$2,400) due to market fluctuations but these little blips are just normal market ups and downs and I either ignore them or don’t even notice.

This year has started on such a high – new job, great environment, getting back into routine, office life and normality after working from home for 9/12 months last year. There’s a lot to say about environment and surroundings when trying to achieve financial goals – simply leaving the consumer industry and entering the finance industry has helped me get closer to my financial goals in leaps and bounds. Why? Simple. I’m no longer in a culture which celebrates consumerism. Rather, I’m now in a culture that either ignores it, or discourages it. And in the past 3 weeks, my wallet has been very happy.

What is more exciting is that Mr. Piggybanks has started to show interest in becoming more financially literate and taken an interest in his own finances, as well as the home finances. While I’m happy and take a personal interest in managing the finances – having a partner who actively takes an interest is even better. One team, one dream. Yea yea.

So… what did I spend in January? $5,903 (+$1,119 compared to December)

So why am I celebrating when my expenses have increased? Well, I had an anticipated and saved for a couple of large expenses – a new MacAir & a medical procedure – which added another $2,367 of expenses to my spending. This was a necessary expense given my existing MacAir is nearly 8 years old and can no longer manage an excel sheet. Same with the medical expenses. However, both expenses had been anticipated and both saved for using a sinking fund. Hurrah for personal finance. So, excluding these, overall spending was $3,536, which was more than $1,000 less than the December. Now this is worth celebrating.

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What is my net worth? +$130,614 (-$2,431 compared to last month)

My net worth took a slight dip as my superannuation and share portfolio were impacted by share market fluctuations. However, this is completely normal, and adds no stress to my life at all. I’ve managed to put a little bit extra into my emergency fund. There is little change to report this month, despite the improvements I’ve seen in my spending.

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That’s all for now! How was your first month of 2021? How did you feel this past month went? Comment below – I love hearing your thoughts!

xx Miss Piggy

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