7 Frugal Wins and 2 Frugal Fails

This past week has been abundant in frugal wins. Since lockdown restrictions eased, I’ve run around doing errands and ticking off the big list of things I had to put on hold for the past 4 months.


  1. I had a long overdue dentist appointment on the weekend for a clean. It was entirely covered by my low-cost health insurance with a $0 gap, so I free clean which in past years has cost me $120 out of pocket.
  2. Despite being great quality, a pair of Uniqlo jeans I purchased fit badly on the waist, so I paid $35 on alterations to take it in. It seems like a lot, but I otherwise would have had to sell the pair for a low price and spent longer finding a decent alternative. The jeans now fit perfectly and the quality is exceptional.
  3. I Marie Kondo-ed my wardrobe, cleared out anything I didn’t use and posted them on eBay. In the past month, I’ve made $500+ in sales from eBay. However, selling is a tedious task and I much prefer buying less than going to the hassle of consuming and then selling excess.
  4. A friend and I had a catch-up with a picnic in a park instead of going out to a cafe. We saved money and were able to sit in the park for hours without any ‘dining in’ time limits set on us.
  5. With lockdown restrictions easing, my favourite skincare company, The Abnormal Beauty Company, was able to open their doors again to trade. They also had a 23% Black Friday month-long sale so I replenished some desperately needed products and also saved with the discount.
  6. I’m thoroughly enjoying cooking at home, so much that I now prefer to stay in and experiment with new dish. How times have changed! I no longer feel the desire to dine out at a restaurant. Creating a great at-home experience is much more important now – and I still can have a 3 course meal with great wine at a fraction of the cost and in the comfort of my own home.
  7. Cafes are open again and we can now dine in rather than just take away. As Mr Piggybanks has taught me how to make good coffee at home and I also have learned how to make delicious home-made almond milk, I prefer the taste of homemade coffee rather than heading out. This is a nice change since I would spend on average $1,800 – $2,000 on take-away coffee alone a year.


I’ve noticed over the past year that prices are slowly creeping up as businesses have been hit with a loss of revenue due to lockdowns.

  1. I’ve been selling a lot on eBay and noticed postage costs have increased since a year ago.
  2. I’ve noticed prices are starting to increase in a lot of businesses or refund conditions are tighter, due to the financial loss from lockdowns. For example, Chemist Warehouse no longer accepts change of mind refunds or exchanges, and my newspaper monthly subscription has increased from $32 to $40 a month.

Have you had any frugal wins or fails this past week? Comment below!

xx Miss Piggy

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