9 Frugal Wins and 1 Frugal Fail

These past couple of weeks, I’ve been learning more about frugality, especially how it can frugality can be a wonderful expression of creativity rather than deprivation. The more I appreciate what I have, the more abundance I see around me and find resourceful ways to get more out of what I already have.


  1. I was on the search for a keep cup so I can take homemade coffee to work when I’m back commuting to the office, but was hesitant to spend $25 on a good quality one I had been eyeing. I ended up finding one on an airline merchandise store. What’s better, is that I realised I had enough points to purchase the keep cup AND a pair of Apple Airpods Pro so ordered $425 of products and spent $0. What a frugal win!
  2. I received a $100 marketing voucher for Naked Wines with purchase from the Book Depository. Naked Wines is an Australian company which funds and supports small wine makers and beverage startups by selling wines at wholesale prices. I ignored the marketing many times until my friend mentioned how good they were. Including the $100 off, I bought 12 bottles of red for $85 including delivery, averaging $7 a bottle and so far they taste amazing! I can’t believe I didn’t go for this earlier.
  3. For years, I’ve wanted to create a recipe book of favourite recipes, so what better time to start than during COVID downtime. My housemate was kind and lent me her polaroid to take photos of the recipes to add to the book.
  4. I loved the above polaroid so much that I decided to buy my own (a different model)! I have wanted an instant camera for years, and had one on my wishlist for $190 on sale. During click frenzy online sales, I found one for $161 including free shipping.
  5. A friend bought me a book as a gift for a new book club she’s created. It was such a lovely surprise!
  6. I received a $30 voucher from work which I spent on IKEA products for the house I was going to buy out of my own pocket. Instead, work covered the majority of the cost.
  7. Instead of buying brunch at a cafe on the weekend, Mr. Piggybanks and myself packed a picnic, spending $0 and saving $40.
  8. I had some motorbike gear stolen months back and received $700 to cover the replacement of the gear. I was able to buy some great replacement gear using the money from the insurance company without being out of pocket.
  9. Some online education courses I had been eyeing for months finally went on sale, which I quickly bought before the promotion ended. I ended up buying 10 courses in my education spending spree – money well spent on things that boost my curiosity and build my career.


  1. I tried to make oat milk for the first time as a frugal alternative to my more expensive almond milk. However, after two attempts, the result was still slimy mush with barely any taste. I’ll just stick to my almond milk – if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

What are your frugal wins and fails in the past week?

xx Miss Piggy

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