7 Frugal Wins and 3 Frugal Fails


  1. I cancelled my audible membership before the end of the 30 day free trial and still received a free ebook. I don’t use audible that often but have a number of books in my account I’m still listening to.
  2. I’ve started to have the attitude of ‘waste not, want not’ before I replenish products. I want to minimise clutter and accumulation of things as much as possible. After I finished my bottle of body moisturiser, instead of repurchasing, I realised I had a full 500ml bottle of hand moisturiser I can use as a substitute.
  3. I pay for a newspaper subscription and as a promotion they were offering a free ebook! I downloaded it to my kobo e-reader and now have another book to read 😀
  4. Back in January, I received a bad haircut by a hairdresser while my usual hairdresser was on holidays. It’s taken 2 cuts to fix it, with the most recent cut being last week as services are starting to re-open as the coronavirus dies down. I’ve saved $180 total from complimentary haircuts (2x $90 per session) in order to fix the bad one!
  5. I had some things stolen in my garage back in January and finally followed up with the insurance. I was refunded $700 back from the insurance company this week.
  6. I followed up with public transport customer service after $20 was taken from my card but not uploaded to my public transport card back in January. I followed up and the claim has finally been processed!
  7. I went through my beauty products and found many products I had forgotten about and started to use as I run out of my usual products. I have more than enough products for 6 months before I run out again.


  1. I bought a couple of kilos of peaches and nectarines from the supermarket and then discovered they were all rotten on the inside. Sometimes I miss buying food from a farmers market – the quality is much better.
  2. I used the wrong bank card for groceries and went into overdraft by accident, so was charged with a $15 overdraft fee. It was a silly error and cost a big fee because of it.
  3. I purchased a dress online and paid $10 for shipping. The dress didn’t fit and to get a refund I needed to pay an additional $8 admin fee 😦 Essentially paid $18 for a product I didn’t want in the end. What a fail in frugality and customer service.


xx Miss Piggy


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