April Net Worth & Spending: +$66,747

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The last time I posted was exactly a month ago when the coronavirus crisis was still in its early stages. We’re now 6 weeks in, and life in quarantine and self-isolation is starting to feel normal … almost like we’re over the hump of bad news.

It’s been a testing time and I’ve been one of the lucky ones who have remained standing and unscathed financially. In the last month, many of my friends have been stood down, made redundant, lost businesses, moved to part-time work or taken paid/unpaid leave to prevent getting sick in their high-contact job. Even though we’ve been impacted differently financially, we’ve all had our mental health impacted without a doubt.

There were big changes in work and personal, but also small, tiny changes in lifestyle which made as much of an impact to my budget:

  1. I started drinking instant coffee instead of going to the coffee shop, which is saving me $5 per coffee and ~$180 a month
  2. I used to go to the salon every fortnight to get my nails done. Since I stopped going, I realised how damaged my nails were underneath (paper thin) and now letting them recover and doing manicures at home instead. Thats $120 saved per month.
  3. I stopped buying my red meat at the free range butcher and switched back to the supermarket in order to be more careful with spending, cutting down the cost of a raw steak from $15 – $20 down to $6 and beef mince from $15 to $8. I’m saving about ~$40 per week/$160 a month on red meat alone.
  4. Now I work everyday from home, I cook every meal from scratch and eating much healthier meals. I’m no longer eating takeaway, saving $30 a week/$120 a month.
  5. I’m not dining out anymore as restaurants are closed, saving me $750 on average a month now I’m cooking at home.
    All together, these lifestyle excesses were costing me ~ $1,200 a month. 


Some of these changes I intend to be permanent (nails, coffee, butcher), others temporary and reduced in the future (dining out) but what I’m taking from this is the level of excess in my life despite not noticing because they were small $10 here and there. I was aware of it before and spoke about it often in my posts, but the hilarious thing is that it took a global pandemic and economic meltdown for it to really hit home.


So… How much did I spend in April?

Note: Right click on the image to open in a new tab enlarge the picture.Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 5.00.58 pm.png

My goal this month was never to deprive myself and reduce all costs to zero, but be aware of where the small amounts added up quickly but was not adding a lot of value to my life.

I spent more on groceries as I’ve been cooking at home much more, but the $557 spend is a big improvement on the $737 in March. Shopping at Aldi where possible has helped a lot, and finding good finds like amazing red wine under $15 a bottle been a big win. I had tried shopping at Aldi before and found it difficult, however changed my perspective and enjoying finding good bargains, even though it’s much more inconvenient than going to Woolworths.

I did a spot of shopping at Uniqlo and Ikea, and bought a dress which will be refunded. A spot of spending on take-aways during some outings but very low in the scheme of things, and some spending on skin care products.


What is my net worth?

Note: Right click on the image to open in a new tab enlarge the picture.Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 4.47.30 pm.pngScreen Shot 2020-05-03 at 4.46.16 pm.png

As we’re heading out of the dark days now, the market is starting to recover and my superannuation and share portfolio have improved with it. In my March net worth update, buying shares while the stability of my job was in question caused me stress, but turns out it was well worth the risk as I’m beginning to reap the benefits.


Everyone is having different experiences, both good and bad, and I’d love to hear from you. How was the month of April for you? What is some good lessons that you can take away from this past month?

xx Miss Piggy




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