10 Frugal Wins and 1 Frugal Fail

This past month was a big win for frugality and for reduced frivolity. It always feels like money just flies out of my hands and down the drain, and then other times I hit some wins. It’s constant battle to be good with money, so reminding myself that what gets measured gets managed is a small but important way to keep on track. It’s about taking baby steps after all…


  1. I won a raffle at work and won some very luxurious beauty products. I spent $20 on 5 tickets for a charity raffle and won some beautiful face creams, perfume, lipsticks and face masks. I’m especially grateful for the perfume because after running out of perfume a while ago, I’ve received 2 free full-sized bottles of perfume from work worth at least $500 combined. Lucky lucky lucky me.
  2. I get my nails done every couple of weeks and a couple broke off during sport just a couple of days after getting them done. My manicurist was kind and repaired them for free.
  3. A friend got me onto instant coffee at work, and it’s surprisingly delicious! I’ve been making instant coffee both at home and work and saving $5 each time and have saved over $100 in the month.
  4. My workplace had a marketing partnership with an ice-cream parlour and there was free gourmet and custom-flavour ice cream at work.
  5. I received a bonus!! It was my first bonus in years and a small pay rise
  6. Spoke to the CFO about personal finance after responding to an email about educating people in the company. The 30 min coffee catch up ended up going for an hour and I’m so grateful for being about to pick his brains. So inspired!
  7. I chatted to a colleague about personal finance over lunch and taking sabbaticals. It was a conversation which just came up by chance and I left feeling very inspired!
  8. My friend had a birthday party in another city and I bought a return ticket and car hire with frequent flyer points to Canberra and back, just paying $100 in tax
  9. My usual hair dresser was on holiday so got a more senior hairdresser. Ended up in a disaster mullet and was distraught. So, I emailed the hairdresser to complain and received a $100 haircut credit to fix it.


  1. I called Uber pool to save money, however the Uber pool driver missed my stop and kept driving in the wrong direction. Cost $3 in cancellation fees and ended up paying the cost of a full price Uber X. However, I was able to redeem the $3 as an Uber credit.


The world is going into lockdown, and slowing down. What are the things you are doing to cut back on costs?

xx Miss Piggy

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