July Net Worth & Spending: +$43,156

Happy new financial year!

The month of July was a great one! What did I get up to?

  • After years of stress in a toxic work environment, I bid so long and farewell to my old job and started a new exciting job
  • I got a pay rise!
  • I had a week break in between jobs and treated myself to a quick get away to Tasmania which was exactly what I needed to destress
  • I focused on my mental health and wellbeing
  • I celebrated my new job and the support from family, friends and colleagues many times
  • Because I was in a better mental space, I subconsciously stopped drinking excessively and reduced my caffeine intake as I didn’t need to feel like I needed to  escape the office or de-stress from work
  • I started eating better
  • And best of all, I’m feeling better and healthier than I ever have been!

In June I closed the chapter on a wild few months and this month I opened an exciting new chapter. I’m feeling light, happy, stress free.

Now I’m in a good mental space, my focus for the next 6 months is to declutter my belongings and sell/donate the excess, focus on mental health and self development and reduce consumption. August has just started and I’m feeling pumped for what the rest of the year will bring.


How much did I spend in June?

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 7.16.02 pm.png

My in-between jobs holiday cost just under $700, excluding the $356 for accommodation which I had paid for in the month of June.

There were many work farewells and catchups so food and drink expenses were high. Repairs was high as I had to get my laptop battery repaired ($189) however this is a much better price to pay to repair a 5 year old laptop than purchase a new one.

Shopping increased as I made the most of my staff discount by purchasing 3 pairs of shoes and clothing before my staff discount was cancelled once I left my old job.


What is my net worth?

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 7.10.43 pm.pngScreen Shot 2019-08-03 at 7.11.23 pm.png

My net worth increased slightly by just under $3,000 due to an increase in share portfolio value, superannuation fund value and putting money towards my emergency fund.


How was your July? What did you spend on? Did you save any money or make any investments?


xx Miss Piggy

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  1. So great to hear how positive you’re sounding! An update to round off the end of this year would be awesome and motivating 🙂

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