EOFY June Net Worth & Spending: +$40,241

A wild year in review.

June isn’t just the end of a financial year come and gone, it’s represents a big chapter closed.

It was a giant year for learning some major life lessons:

  • I learnt that we truely accept the love we think we deserve, in my case, it was from friendships and colleagues. I’m a slow learner but learnt to cut out or move away from toxic relationships.
  • I learnt that my principles were stronger than what I had originally thought, and when push came to shove, I did what was right rather than what was easy while being criticised by those who chose to do the inverse.
  • I learned that my unhappiness clearly comes through in overspending. My unhappiness was in overspending in clothes, dining out and take-away when I either wanted a quick high or had no energy and chose to pay for convenience.

My lifestyle spending was my biggest problem and hardest to cut down on. No doubt it was a reflection of a long unhappiness that I can clearly see in retrospect. To emphasise how spending went out of control, my overhead living costs were 38% of total expenses (rent, groceries, utilities, insurance) while my entertainment (shopping, dining out, bars) were 31% of total expenses. I barely saved anything during this year, which was the most disappointing and shameful of all.

On the upside, I had many incredible and one-in-a-lifetime experiences: I travelled to places I hadn’t been before (USA for work trip), pushed myself to try new experiences (learning to ride a motorbike), worked like a dog but pushed my career so far within a year and a half, established myself professionally and saw the benefits financially in my monthly pay cheque. Most importantly, I discovered more about my values in the last year than I have in the previous years.

Some fun facts about the last financial year. I spent:

  • $1,851 on take-away coffee
  • $4,791 on dining out at restaurants and cafes
  • A whopping $9,300k on shopping alone – what the hell did I even buy??


Now… down to business.

How much did I spend in June?

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 11.00.33 am.png

I spent over $1,000 on bars, dining out and restaurants. This was a lot of catch-ups, after work drinks, coffee, dinners and take-away. It blew well out of proportion and looking at my spending in this category over the previous few months, something I want to cut down on.

Travel expenses increased however I managed to save a lot using points for return flights and a rental car so was out of pocket for the car insurance and accommodation.

I finished straightening my teeth so dentist fees are high for this month and will be for next as my basic health insurance either covered a tiny amount or none at all for the work.

To put myself to shame, I spent a total of $5,146 in the month of June alone.

What is my net worth?

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 11.01.21 am.pngScreen Shot 2019-07-10 at 11.02.32 am.png

My net worth barely moved this month compared to last. It jumped by $1,851 and only because of an increase in share price and jump in superannuation. As mentioned above, I barely saved anything this year and my biggest disappointment.


I’m looking forward to this new financial year starting. I’m happily closing this old chapter and opening a new one – I’m happy, energetic and I’m so excited to be in this new phase. Onwards and upwards.

xx Miss Piggy

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