5 Frugal Wins and 2 Frugal Fails


  1. My friend told me about a new ride share app called Didi. I signed up and received 4x $5 vouchers and also receive 30% off.
  2. Instead of using Uber, I took a Didi to the train station ($10) and then a public transport airport shuttle bus ($20) to the airport. A much cheaper alternative to taking an Uber all the way to the airport ($60+).
  3. I made almond milk and used the left over blended almonds in granola. Very healthy and much cheaper than buying both from the supermarket.
  4. This one’s a productivity win! I started to use a ‘goal journal’ which was gifted to me to help achieve my goals. I set rewards for myself if I achieve specific goals which I find highly motivating. Now working towards my goals daily and get a lot of satisfaction seeing improvement and also working towards a reward. I really underestimated the value of rewards (much wanted homewares, makeup, champagne…)
  5. I visited my family in Perth and they had a spare HDMI cord that isn’t needed. This was a nice frugal win given my HDMI cord is faulty at home and needed replacing anyway.


  1. I lost a power bank and charging cord for my phone (I think someone stole it from my desk at work) so I bought a new (good quality) one for $40 plus $29 for the cord. As my phone battery is on its last legs it’s a necessity unfortunately so had to outlay the $69. On the upside, the new power bank stores more power and a slimmer model so charges my phone multiple times.
  2. I travelled back to Perth to visit family over the weekend and forgot to bring a laptop / monitor converter cord so bought one for $24. The cord was essential however so decided to fork out the $24 so I could do some work.


Tell me about your frugal wins and fails below!

xx Miss Piggy