6 Frugal Wins and 2 Frugal Fails

For new and existing readers, this is my journey as a millennial from -$20,000 net worth in November 2016 to financial independence and early retirement. Subscribe to my blog to stay posted!



  1. I purchased return flights to Perth to visit family for a long weekend, paid entirely with points. The return flights would have cost $600 otherwise. I’m $0 out of pocket and get to enjoy a free holiday – big frugal win!
  2. I’m in need of new bed linen as one of my quilt covers has a giant hole right in the middle. While there is a deadline on how far I can stretch it out, for now, I’ve simply flipped over my quilt cover, hiding the hole on the inside. Next payday, I think it’s time to replace the *very* worn out bed linen with something a bit more civilised.
  3. I cancelled my Audible subscription as I wasn’t using it enough and paying nearly $17 per month. I purchased 6 audio books with my 6 accumulated credits and then cancelled my subscription.
  4. I’m cutting out milk from my diet for the next month as I have a sneaky suspicion I’ve been lactose intolerant my whole life (couldn’t have milk as a child) but ignored this in adulthood. I’ve switched from milk in my coffee to soy milk and almond milk for chia pudding or porridge breakfasts. Let’s see whether it makes a difference!
  5. I spent time on the long weekend decluttering my make-up bag. I’m getting better at minimising my skincare and makeup and sticking to quality instead of cheap products. I threw out 6 lipsticks, 5 lip pencils, 2 primers, 4 concealers, 1 mascara, 1 eyeliner, 2 foundations, 1 compact powder, 1 perfume sample, 3 skincare samples, 4 medical products, 1 expired sunscreen, 5 nail polishes. All which I haven’t used for years or have expired.
  6. I bought 2 laser hair removal sessions on a 50% off promotion. The full price is usually $240 for hair removal, instead I paid $120 for a session and pre-paid for another in a couple of months time so I could secure the price.


  1. As I’ve been cutting out milk for the next month I’ve been looking for milk alternatives in my coffee and what I’ll buy in the supermarket. I found an almond milk I like which is $4 per litre (eeekk) and when I ran out and bought more of it, it was actually $6 per litre full priced (*gasp!*). Depending on the quantities I consume, I’m going to try to find more affordable options or make my own nut-based milk.
  2. As I’ve cut out drinking milk for a month but still need my coffee in the morning, I’ve been trying other coffee types rather than my usual skim-milk latte. I’ve bought almond lattes and espressos and had to throw them out as I didn’t like the taste. I’ve settled with soy lattes which are the same price as a normal latte or 50c extra.


Comment below if you’ve had any frugal wins or fails this week! I want to hear from you 🙂

xx Miss Piggy


3 Comments Add yours

  1. simplywendi says:

    sounds like you are making great progress……..so wish i would have done all of this at a much younger age……..you are going to be in great shape!

  2. Thank you simplywendi! I appreciate your support 😊

  3. simplywendi says:

    It is truly my pleasure. May your day bring you smiles. 🙂

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