4 Frugal Wins and 1 Frugal Fail


  1. I did a social media detox following my email detox (subscribing to marketing communications) where I unsubscribed and unfollowed pages and groups which cluttered my feed. My newsfeed has since become much more interesting, filled with groups I actually like to follow and read about rather than tabloid junk.
  2. I have a loyalty card for my local cafe. I reached 7 stamps on my loyalty card which meant free coffee on Wednesday!
  3. There was a marketing event at work and there were free donuts provided as part of the show. The donuts where delicious and very gourmet!
  4. My glass bed-side table lamp broke when I was cleaning last weekend. However, I was able to fund the replacement out of my sinking fund without touching my spending money.


  1. I realised I’d been using fish sauce from my pantry for months which hadn’t been refrigerated but was meant to be. I threw it out as I didn’t want to risk food poisoning, but frankly quite surprised that I was feeling ok after using it for so long.


xx Miss Piggy

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