5 Frugal Wins and 1 Frugal Fail


  1. I did a digital detox and unsubscribed to all marketing emails and deleted apps on my phone which didn’t give me value. I paid $1.50 for iCloud storage and saved 20 GB of photos from my phone, removing a lot of wasted space and speeding up my phone.
  2. My leather wallet started to split at the seams (not due to lots of money.. unfortunately quite the opposite) so I super-glued them back together. Now my wallet looks brand new!
  3. A gas and hot water bill arrived for the quarter and I was able to pay it immediately from my sinking fund set aside for bills. No worry and no stress.
  4. Instead of taking an Uber, I planned my trip in advance and took an Uber pool to a dinner with a friend. Much cheaper and I had a great conversation with my driver.
  5. Bought $17 insoles for ballet flats where the leather has stretched out of shape. This way I can get a few more months of use out of them before having to replace them.



  1. I usually pack my lunch for work everyday as I enjoy quality, healthy home cooked food over take-away. However, I realised I wasn’t bringing enough food to work and ran out of healthy snacks so would buy a LARGE packet of chips every second day to snack on, eating the entire packet in one go. Both a frugal fail and health fail.

How frugal or frivolous has your past week been?

xx Miss Piggy



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