4 Frugal Wins & 1 Frugal Fail

For new and existing readers, this is my journey as a millennial from -$20,000 net worth in November 2016 to financial independence and early retirement. Subscribe to my blog to stay posted!


Annnndd I’m back! It’s true that what gets measured gets managed, and my personal finances were certainly something that has not been measured for a good 4 months. Yikes. Time to rein that in! I’m back for good this time!



  1. I was sent on an international work trip to the US a couple of weeks back which was an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience. I extended the one-week work trip by an additional week for a personal holiday and as it was work related, flights were covered and all work-expenses such as food, accommodation, flights and transport. MAJOR FRUGAL WIN!
  2. I finally got back into reviewing my personal finances and looked at all my expenses over the past 4 months. When I have my personal finances on track I feel like I’m working towards my future, helping build something important and regaining focus. The feeling is pretty damn good.
  3. I ran out of bin liners however using up all those plastic supermarket bags instead. Those bags would otherwise end up unused and in the bin – what a waste when they can have a second life!
  4. My friend sent me a bouquet of flowers as a thank you for helping her out on a work project. Not only are they beautiful and a lovely surprise but I saved money on buying fresh flowers for the house for a week.



  1. I threw out a bowl of chopped cauliflower and potatoes which i was going to make a curry with. had been sitting there for a week and i couldn’t tell if it was going mouldy, so i decided to take the safe option and throw it out. I hate wasting food but it was a better option than risking getting gastro or food poisoning.


What are your frugal wins and fails for the week?

xx Miss Piggy

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