November Net Worth & Spending: +$26,584

For new and existing readers, this is my journey as a millennial from -$20,000 net worth in November 2016 to financial independence and early retirement. Subscribe to my blog to stay posted!

It’s only 3 weeks until Christmas and exactly a month until 2019, so I’ve been reminiscing over the past year and what I have achieved. I’ve been recording my net worth since November 2016, and in those last 2 years I’ve increased my net worth from -$20k to +$26k today. Exactly a year ago, my net worth was breakeven at $64.

It’s been a long journey of self discovery to get my finances in check, and I only have scratched the surface. I’ve come a long way professionally, personally and mentally so much that if I were to meet 26 year old self now, I’d be a completely different person to who I am today.

This past month I’ve reached an amazing turning point both professionally and personally. In one month, I’ve learned some great lessons from positive experiences such as receiving work awards for being a top employee and learning how I can apply the valuable skills I have today from work to non-work personal projects. From negative experiences such as being ill for a week and managing office politics, I’ve learned that self-development for your own personal progress and surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded and self-driven people are key to success and happiness.

For the first time, the mental fogginess has cleared and I have a knife-sharp focus on what I need to achieve to reach the long term goals. The future is going to be exciting!


How much did I spend in November?

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 6.11.12 pm.png

I’m still struggling to keep groceries down to my budgeted $350 per month and continuously spending over $500 for a single person.

Bills were higher than normal due to the gas and electricity bills arriving in the same month and a check-up and clean and the dentist.

Shopping was negative due to a refund of a pair of boots from the last couple of months and income from the sale of a bag on eBay.

Holiday spending was high due to a week off to spend time with visiting friends and a weekend trip to Sydney.

What is my net worth?

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 6.10.14 pm.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-01 at 6.10.24 pm.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-01 at 6.10.33 pm.png

My net worth increased by $1,400 on the previous month. I bought more shares once my monthly pay hit my bank account but the drop in the market has lowered the value of my share portfolio, so I’m currently in the red. My superannuation has also been hit by a weak market. Nevertheless, I contributed to my emergency fund which I’m aiming to keep padding out until I have 6 months of living expenses stored away.

How was your November? How much do you spend on groceries and do you stick to a budget? Do you have any tips to reduce my grocery bill?

xx Miss Piggy

One Comment Add yours

  1. Katherine Le says:

    Hi there,

    I find your blog so inspiring! Please continue to document your financial gains and journey to get to your goal. You will get there no doubt as you are still young and determined!

    I am cheering from the side lines 🙂


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