5 Frugal Wins and 2 Frugal Fails

For new and existing readers, this is my journey as a millennial from -$20,000 net worth in November 2016 to financial independence and early retirement. Subscribe to my blog to stay posted!



  1. I sold a bag on eBay for $80. This bag had been rarely used and collecting dust for many years. It’s great to declutter unwanted goods and have someone else see it’s value and give it a second life!
  2. I hadn’t done my groceries for a while but managed to squeeze a meal out of bits and pieces from the fridge when I was at home during lunch. I made myself scrambled eggs with mature cheddar and fried onion on couscous. Not the most glam meal, but it was cheap and delicious.
  3. Went to the doctors and paid $0 for a regular health check as the clinic is bulk billed. Thanks medicare.
  4. I went to the dentist for a standard checkup and clean which cost $216. I received $81.50 back from my private health insurance and was out if pocket by $134.50. As my appointment was quick, I was able to use the same public transport fare back home instead of paying for another ticket.
  5. Received a free coffee after accumulating enough stamps on my coffee loyalty card at work.


  1. I spent $12 of coffee (2 coffees for me, 1 for my date) on a god-awful tinder date. I spent a painfully long hour on a coffee date with a guy who was ignorant, racist and unbelievably dumb. After a point, I cut the date short, picked up the entire bill and made a quick getaway, immediately un-matching my date so we never crossed digital paths again. Both a frugal fail and dating fail.
  2. I bought a reusable glass water bottle for $3.99 but the minimum on card was $5 and they didn’t offer a surcharge. I ended up spending an additional $3.99 to buy a cheap snack to add to the purchase to meet the eftpos minimum.


Have you had any frugal wins or fails this past week?

xx Miss Piggy

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  1. Haha, I enjoyed reading your dating fail story, as painful as it sounded! I would have certainly paid up the full bill to get out of there quickly too. Dates like these are definitely a key reason to start with a quick, cheap, low commitment options (eg. coffee meetup) so you can escape without too much time and money lost!

  2. Thank you Michelle! No doubt you will be reading about more of my frugal win and fail dating adventures!

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