6 Frugal Wins and 4 Frugal Fails


  1. I was stuck on how to clean an intricate and delicate ring and managed to get creative with a clean mascara spoolie wand and gentle soap to clean it. No special chemicals or cleaning required.
  2. I was about to throw out a dead-looking orchid plant a couple of weeks ago but then realised it was still alive and kicking. Today, 2 giant orchids blossomed and a third is on the way!
  3. I had enough stamps on my local cafe loyalty card and received a free coffee.
  4. There was a data science meetup which I attended on Thursday night and received a free dinner of pizza and coke. Nothing better than being surrounded by like-minded people, learning cool new things and getting a free meal.
  5. I went out for dinner with some friends and decided against the trend and opt for a non-alcoholic beverage with my meal. I ended up spending only $24 in total instead of an additional $20 for an alcoholic cocktail.
  6. I have a pair of wireless, bluetooth earbuds which I can’t live without. One earbud stopped not pairing with the other earbud and my first thought was that they were broken. Luckily, after digging through my home work space and finding the instruction pamphlet, I reset the earphones and they work like new!



  1. I didn’t realised that I bought an old punnet of strawberries I bought from the supermarket. A few days after buying them, I had to throw out half the punnet as the strawberries were already rotting.
  2. I went out with colleagues on a Friday night and spent a lot of money on drinks! I haven’t yet seen the damage to my wallet but not too keen to have a look at the balance just yet :/
  3. I didn’t bring a packed lunch to work on Friday as we had a team lunch, however, it was cancelled so I had to buy lunch. I spent $12.50 on lunch which was delicious but otherwise unplanned and unnecessary.
  4. Due to buying my lunch at work on Friday and evening meetup events offering free food, I didn’t finish my home-made osso buco which I had made last weekend. I tried to stretch out the life of the unfinished meals but unfortunately wasn’t able to finish them in time and had to throw out 2 large portions as they had gone off. This was a double frugal fail as I paid money for lunch at work and also had to throw out my pre-packed lunches.


How frugal has your week been?

xx Miss Piggy



Illustration by Aurore de la Morinerie

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