6 Frugal Wins and 2 Frugal Fails


  1. The Melbourne Cup (for my international readers, this is the most famous horse race in Australia) was on last week and I had planned to go out to a bar to watch the races. However, the weather was pouring down all day so instead of going out,  I stayed at home in comfort and didn’t spend a dime.
  2. The local cafe I frequent at work encouraged me to use a loyalty card where I receive a free coffee after I’ve bought 7 coffees. Last Thursday, I received my first free coffee!
  3. I returned by post a pair of boots I had bought online that didn’t fit, however they became lost in the mail and were returned to my address. I resent on the weekend and they finally arrived. I had to pay a $49 cancellation fee but at least received my $250 refund.
  4. On the weekend, I caught an Uber pool instead of a normal Uber to the city, costing $3.83. Given that Uber Pool costs much less than public transport and is more convenient, I’m going to avoid using public transport where I can and switch to Uber pool.
  5. I made 2 meals out of bits and pieces in the fridge as 1) I didn’t want to walk to the supermarket at 8pm at night and 2) I’m very, very poor this week. I made myself a baby spinach salad, with fresh sliced tomato, layered with slices of cured waygu beef, dollops of garlic feta, sea salt, pepper and 2 soft boiled eggs. I had this for dinner last night and lunch today, which was delicious!
  6. For my meal prep, I am making 8 hour slow cooked Osso Buco. This batch will make approximately 5 servings for either lunch or dinner. In total, 1 kg of diced beef chuck, 1 can of tomatoes, tomato paste, carrots, celery, herbs and stock cost me less than $20 total. That’s $4 for a meat heavy meal! Cheap cheap!



  1. I’m trying to become healthier with my diet, however, at work I become hungry for snacks and bought an almond croissant. As they are so rich and buttery, I felt ill afterwards and felt like I wasted $3 on the croissant.
  2. I organised to go out for lunch with a colleague so didn’t bring lunch that day, however, last minute she cancelled due to workload so I had to buy lunch instead.


How frugal has your week been? Did you do anything to save money? Comment below!

xx Miss Piggy

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