6 Frugal Wins and 1 Frugal Fail


  1. I received the last quarterly dividends of the year, totalling $262 in dividends. Of course, these were automatically re-invested to buy more shares. Anything to help that eight wonder of the world (compounding interest).
  2. I automated my payments further every month after payday. I have now split money I’m saving into 50% to shares and 50% to an emergency fund and I’ve added in a sinking fund for upcoming bills.
  3. Less so a frugal win but definitely a decluttering win. I gave away an old suitcase and some motorbike pants. Both were very old and the new owners found some good use for them. I prefer to give things away than sell them if I know someone else will value them more than I will.
  4. My friend gifted me a pair of Zara shoes which are exactly my style and very comfortable. I’ve been wearing them multiple times a week so a great frugal win!
  5. This one is an unusual frugal win. I bought a handbag which was much nicer and cheaper than one I was eyeing to buy. This handbag cost close to $500, however it was better than a different designer bag I had been eyeing for a while, and much cheaper.
  6. I bought 2 new bras as my current ones are starting to look very sad and saggy. There was a promotion on today where I bought 2 bras for just over the price of 1. Frugal win!



  1. I missed my Uber pools and was charged $6, ordered another one, was taking too long so cancelled then charged a second cancellation fee. I ended up walking home in rain.


What were your frugal wins for this week?

xx Miss Piggy

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