10 Day Decluttering Challenge: Day 1

Today I’m starting a decluttering challenge, because simply put, I’m sick and tired of dusting off dust bunnies from things I don’t use or value anymore. No more knick knacks and no more dust bunnies!

I’ve done these challenges before which almost always is triggered by a sense of frustration that things are accumulating and gathering dust, adding little to my life.

On Day 1 I’ll remove 1 item, on Day 2 I’ll remove 2 items and so on so by the end of the Challenge I will have removed a total of 55 items.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 11.45.26 am

It’s so easy for me to accumulate things without removing the item it’s replacing, or simply accumulating without paying attention to what I already own. Especially this year, I’ve been accumulating things to build the life I want and to surround myself with things that resonate with me and align with my values and lifestyle. The hard bit is getting rid of the things which I’ve since upgraded.

Because of time, if I’m selling an item, I will wait until the weekend to post it online to sell, but will still record it down.

Today I got rid of an old clutch which I replaced with a new handbag I bought on the weekend. Even though it’s a cheap bag, I’ll sell this online as it’s still in great condition.


Here’s the tally:

Total items thrown: 0

Total items donated: 0

Total items selling/sold: 1

Total items purged: 1


Do you have any decluttering tips? Have you decluttered recently? Comment below!

xx Miss Piggy


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