5 Frugal Wins and 1 Frugal Fail


  1. My housemate and I had a credit card hiding party. We both took our credit cards out of our wallets and hid them somewhere in the apartment, and vowed that we wouldn’t touch them again, unless in an emergency (i.e. couldn’t afford to pay bills). My bills are still deducted from my credit card, however my repayments are automated so I don’t need to touch my credit card anymore and be tempted to go on a shopping spree.
  2. My sister bought me a slow cooker for my birthday and I’ve been using it every weekend for meal prep. I can make delicious osso buco with $12kg beef chuck instead of spending $35kg on scotch fillet steaks. The slow cooker is both a time and money saver!
  3. I’m learning to speak french again for free. A friend recommended a free language app, Duolingo, which I’ve been using every day for 15 minutes to bring back my french language skills back to their glory days.
  4. I started to purchase fresh produce from the supermarket deli, instead of packets. I’m saving $10 per kg on fresh salmon fillets and the prosciutto I buy costs 2/3 of the price for double the quantity.
  5. For the motorbike boots which I had to return and pay for postage, I can reclaim it back through Paypal. If you buy something online through Paypal, they will refund the cost of return shipping up to $45 per return, 8 times a year.



  1. I called an Uber but took too long to get to car after it had arrived so the driver drove off and I was charged a $6 cancellation fee

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