September Net Worth & Spending: +$25,645

After making some big purchases in July and August, I’ve started to wind down my spending. I made some big purchases which had been things I’d either desired for a long time (Dior handbag and YSL shoes), desperately needed (new washing machine) or were personal challenges (motorbike license and second-hand motorbike).

My mental space has been all over the place these past few months but I feel more centred and settled this month that I did previously. I slipped out of some good daily habits which kept me centred and stress-free, and the longer I started to skip this routine, everything started going haywire.

In short, September was a closing of one chapter and opening of another.

The beginning was sober but I ended it on a high. There are still some personal challenges which I’m yet to overcome (i.e. getting back on the motorbike and being a confident rider post-accident), but I’m getting my finances and my mojo back!

I have some new travel goals I’m starting to save up for next year and I’m on my way to ticking off a few more 2018 new years resolutions off before the year ends in a couple of months.

How much did I spend in September?

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 5.51.05 pm.png

Spending on shopping decreased significantly on the previous month. However I still had some motorbike related expenses such as registration and transfer fees. Luckily, these are the last motorbike related expenses for a long time!


What is my net worth?

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 6.32.23 pm.pngScreen Shot 2018-10-13 at 6.43.22 pm.pngScreen Shot 2018-10-13 at 6.43.30 pm.png

My net worth increased by $7,500 this month. After completing my tax, my student debt reduced by over $8,000 which was a nice bumper to my net worth. I replenished my emergency fund by a small amount however wrote off rental bond money which got tied up in a real estate agent debacle. Sometimes you have to accept your losses and just move on. I also sold my silver bullion back in August and re-invested it in shares, which I felt was a better return with regular dividends.


How was your September? Did you have any financial wins? Or perhaps financial failures?

xx Miss Piggy



2 Comments Add yours

  1. mawermoney says:

    Great increase in your net worth for September! Probably only 4or 5 years until you have paid off your HELP/HECS debt! Then you get a boost to your net pay!

  2. Hopefully paying off the student debt is only a few years away!

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