9 Frugal Wins and 2 Frugal Fails


  1. I booked two return domestic flights for a total of $36. The first return trip was 2 economy flights and the second was business class there, and economy on the way back paid entirely in frequent flyer points. The best $36 I’ve ever spent, saving me thousands of dollars, especially for peak season Christmas flights!
  2. I booked a hair appointment at a new hair salon and received $20 off as it was my first visit
  3. I switched the retailer where I buy my staple skincare range which is 25% cheaper than my usual retailer which I had been going to for years.
  4. I bought a second hand motorbike over a month ago which was the exact model I wanted. It had very low kilometres, was in excellent condition, recently serviced and came with a lot of free motorbike gear. Instead of spending $9,000 for a new bike and gear, I spent $3,500 on the bike and $2,000 for new gear – a total of $5,500.
  5. I purchased a pair of shoes from Zara which broke the second time I wore them. I went back to the store and the sales assistant refunded me the money without any issue.
  6. Purchased a pair of motorbike boots (2nd time lucky after having to return a first purchase) and received 20% off my purchase. They fit perfectly and were a great buy.
  7. Received a small tax refund back. While it was only a few hundred dollars, it’s better than nothing!
  8. I’ve been taken of a few dates recently, and while I’m happy to pay for half, my dates have insisted on paying for dinner. My dates don’t just get brownie points for chivalry, it’s also a frugal win!
  9. The share market crashed last Thursday so I picked up some cheap shares. The market is already starting to recover so it was a big frugal win.



  1. I rented a car and was charged $60 more than the original quoted price. Turns out, I had forgotten to fill the tank up with petrol before returning the car and was charged 4x the retail price of petrol.
  2.  I purchased a pair of motorcycle boots online, however, when they arrived, they were too big and not the right fit. I returned them, incurring postage costs and then was hit with a $50 cancellation fee.


xx Miss Piggy

2 Comments Add yours

  1. mawermoney says:

    Is it your first time to fly business class?

  2. No it’s not my first time flying business, but definitely something I don’t do very often! I’ve only flown business using points and it’s always such a nice experience, especially for flights that are 4/5+ hours long

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