6 Frugal Wins and 2 Frugal Fails


  1. I got a promotion and payrise!
  2. I’ve packed lunch everyday for the past 2 weeks unless there was a team lunch
  3. I rented a car for a motorbike lesson which was less expensive than taking an Uber and was able to run a number of overdue errands while I had it for the day
  4. I ordered contact lenses through an optometrist however, they forgot to place the order and it took weeks for the contact lenses to arrive. When they did however, I received a free packet of contact lenses
  5. I received a free motorbike lesson and saved $90
  6. I went on holiday to Tasmania and stayed at an Air BnB for a few nights. they offered free breakfast so saved some money on one of the days by having breakfast at the house



  1. For my original motorbike course, I paid for 4x Uber’s to my motorbike course which was located 45 minutes drive away as there was limited public transport available. This cost me a lot more than renting a car.
  2. I forgot to fill up the rental car with petrol before returning so was charged for not filling up the tank

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