5 Frugal Wins and 4 Frugal Fails



  1. Packed lunch almost every day for the past 2 weeks except where there was a team lunch or farewell and we ate out as a team.
  2. I bought contact lenses and received a $35 health insurance rebate
  3. I switched my mobile plan to a plan with double the data for the same price
  4. Rented a bike to practice on and haven’t been charged for usage – parts of bike are broken so assume the infrastructure is broken which is why I haven’t been charged!
  5. I had a work meeting and free coffee was provided so saved $2.50 on coffee



  1. I didn’t pack substantial enough lunches so ended up snacking all day. Need to pack bigger lunches or add in more protein!
  2. Bought McDonald’s at the airport and forgot that I had snacks in my carry-on and forgot that the plane had food! Wasted $11.
  3. Had my eyes tested and the optometrist gave me a lower subscription for my contacts. Now I’ve overstocked on contacts which are too low and have to re-purchase my correct prescription.
  4. Bought ballet flats from Zara which are poor quality but worn so can’t return them


Now to you! What are your frugal wins and fails?


xx Miss Piggy

Cover illustration by Diana Kuksa

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tracy says:

    Win: inspired by your owning bullion, had a Google and not only figured out how to do it myself, but also that the exchange here will buy all my old jewellery. Will take it in this week, it might not be much $$ but it all counts.

    Fail: having to move at short notice and having to pay a letting fee when the agent literally does nothing and has even taken 10 days to get a lease to us – ridiculous.

  2. Hey Miss Piggy, what mobile plan did you switch to?

  3. It was actually exactly the same provider, however they had reduced their costs and I was on an old plan. Always best to keep up to date with your providers latest offers as they are always competing to keep and acquire new customers

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