5 Frugal Wins and 2 Frugal Fails

This past week has felt like it’s gone from mild Autumn weather to a sudden death-by-pneumonia Winter freeze. The heavy coats, gloves and stockings have come out and the days are much shorter that I leave home for work in semi-darkness and return in semi-darkness. With the cold comes very little desire to leave the warmth of my house and where I can spend the day like this I will:

Image result for toasty cinnamon bun

Despite all the hibernation, I’ve had a few frugal wins and fails.


  1. I switched Superannuation accounts to a new fund and my balance was finally rolled over. My old superannuation fund had been losing money or break-even year on year so I’m glad to close that chapter.
  2. I packed lunch 4 days last week and getting back into the swing of bringing a packed lunch every day.
  3. Wednesday was a public holiday where I stayed home and didn’t spend anything.
  4. On Thursday night, I scratched together dinner from remnants in the fridge and used bits and pieces in the pantry to make a vegetable, broth and noodle soup
  5. I walked 15 mins to the closest tram stop (public transport is limited in my area) to save on an Uber to a birthday party. When I got to the tram, the ticket machines were disabled so I got a free ride!



  1. I tried a new salad recipe which didn’t work out at all so threw out a whole salad lunch.
  2. I didn’t bring enough snacks to work this week and last so kept buying snacks from the local cafe. Spending money on snacks completed defeated the purpose of packing a lunch to work to save money!


Did you have a frugal or not so frugal week?

xx Miss Piggy


Cover illustration by Diana Kuksa



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