7 Frugal Wins and 5 Frugal Fails

Hi guys! It’s been a while.

This past month has been so busy moving from Sydney to Melbourne, working around the clock, darting across Melbourne to find a permanent home and living out of a suitcase. I’ve been here for 3 weeks and despite some initial ups and downs which come with relocating to a completely new city, so far Melbourne has been great.

So, below is a catch-up of all my frugal wins and fails over the past 3 weeks.. enjoy! Don’t forget to write your week’s frugal wins and fails in the comments below!



  1. Work financially supported the move from Sydney to Melbourne so I received a nice cash package, however from this I paid a 5-figure sum in tax alone. Seeing how much tax I paid hurt A LOT. The upside is that of this, a couple of thousand was paid towards my student debt, knocking a bit more of this debt down.
  2. Work provided me with a temporary roof over my head for a month so I haven’t had to pay rent for the past 3 weeks. I’ve saved over $1,000 in rent.
  3. There is a coffee cart at work and coffee is a gold coin donation, which has saved me a lot of money every day.
  4. I’ve been walking to and from work most days. Public transport is terribly inefficient so I’m not only saving money but a lot of time by walking.
  5. My new office is no longer located in the CBD so I haven’t been impulse shopping anymore. As there are no shops near the office and it’s inconvenient to go into the city during the week, I haven’t found the need or want to go to the shops.
  6. As there are no decent cafes around the office (which is not in the CBD) there is a bigger incentive to bring lunch to work everyday. Most days I’ve brought my lunch to work and cooked dinner at home.
  7. In mid-January, the quarterly dividends were paid and re-invested so my share portfolio increased by 2 shares.



  1. As public transport is so bad in Melbourne (as well as always being late), while searching for a place to rent I took Ubers everywhere in order to make the short 15 minute viewing times (often back to back) in addition to trying to not take too much time out of work. While these were short 10 minute trips, the cost of taking Ubers to every single apartment viewing added up after 20+ appointments.
  2. In addition to taking Ubers to see apartment viewings, given the office is no longer in the CBD and in an isolated location, when I’ve been working late I’ve taken an Uber home which adds up quickly.
  3. I booked my courier to drive my things down from Sydney to Melbourne well in advance and had to lock in a date long before I had secured an apartment. By the time I had secured an apartment, the courier service was fully booked and I couldn’t move the date to a day that aligned with the move-in date. I’ve had to organise self storage to store my belongings for a week, and then additional courier services to pick up my things and drop them in the new apartment. This has close to doubled the cost of the original courier service.
  4. I went to a cash-only bar for a friend’s drinks and having no cash, I spent $2.80 on withdrawal fees at the ATM. I know it’s a small fee, however it annoys me that 1) cash-only bars exist and 2) I had to pay almost $3 for simply taking cash out.
  5. In December, I really overspent on shopping, farewells, Christmas parties and New Years, spending well out of my means and blowing the budget.


How was your week? Write your frugal wins and fails below!

xx Miss Piggy


Cover illustration by Jessica Durrant

6 Comments Add yours

  1. fivebeansoup says:

    Win: planned and delivered meals (for kids and usually parents) for the week while only spending an extra £40 this week.
    Fail: getting a tea and then kfc out one day when not needed and spending money we didn’t really have.

  2. That’s a big frugal win! I also can relate to feeling guilty when buying food out when it needed but at least we can learn from it for the future. Hopefully this coming week you’ll have a second frugal win to add to your list!

  3. fivebeansoup says:

    I think I will have another win of clearing out my food cupboard by a way but perhaps not with such a small spend.

  4. That’s great! After your big clean out let me know so I can congratulate you!

  5. mawermoney says:

    You win some and you lose some – as long as you have more wins than losses it is all good. P.S. I love the artwork – very elegant.

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