3 Frugal Wins and 2 Frugal Fails

This week went so fast and I was working long hours and solely focused on my job. The closer we get to Christmas and the relocation date the busier it is getting at work. More people are leaving the company and so more work is being pushed on to me.



  1. I sold an old dress makers mannequin for $70 and a box of beads for $30.
  2. I brought breakfast everyday to work and lunch 4 times this week.
  3. One of the ladies at work was gifted a free Chanel had moisturiser and didn’t want it so gave it to me! It’s the most delicious scented freebie I’ve ever been given!



  1. I didn’t pack a lunch for Thursday as I ran out of groceries so spend $15 on a sushi bowl I easily could have made myself.
  2. I’ve been lazy with my budgeting and left my transaction reconciliation to the end of the week. When I got around to it, my wallet was bursting with receipts.


What are your most recent frugal wins and fails?

xx Miss Piggy


Cover illustration by Lena Ker

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