5 Frugal Wins and 2 Frugal Fails

This week has been surprisingly costly but mainly because of groceries which is usually my most frugal area. I had some great perks this week like a free 1-hour facial from Lancome and money back from health insurance claims.



  1. I had a free 1-hour facial from Lancome during my lunch break on Friday and they even did my make-up afterwards!
  2. I bought contact lenses and received more than 50% back from health insurance.
  3. I received my Paypal return postage refund of $45. For those who don’t know, if you purchase something online through Paypal and need to return something, they’ll refund up to $45 AUD to cover your return postage.
  4. I packed breakfast for work everyday and brought lunch 4x this week. The other day was a team lunch at a restaurant.
  5. Yesterday I made both breakfast and lunch at home. I usually eat out however instead used up some leftovers in the fridge.



  1. I bought a lot of make-up this week. My 50+ SPF sunscreen (which I use everyday instead of foundation), eyebrow pencil and dry shampoo ran out at the same time so they needed to be replaced immediately. I bought the wrong brow colour so had to go back and buy it again.
  2. I overspent on groceries with the monthly total over $600… eek! Most of these groceries were for just me alone. I’ve been meal-prepping a lot more so have been experimenting with different foods. I haven’t been eating organic food but eating a lot of good quality meats and organic grains which has definitely lead to an increase in costs! I’ve never considered budgeting before but it may be a good time to start!


How was your week? Frugal? Not so frugal?

xx Miss Piggy


Cover illustration by Alex Tang

4 Comments Add yours

  1. I enjoyed your post. I think I spent too much on makeup due to BF deals. It happens. Check out my blog http://www.slimfitwallet.blog and follow me. I would enjoy having your support.

  2. Thanks Slim Fit Wallet. I had a look at your blog too – well done for getting out of debt. Amazing effort!

  3. Thanks so much for checking my blog out!

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