6 Frugal Wins and 2 Frugal Fails

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This week started to show signs of the progress I’ve made decluttering my possessions before my Sydney to Melbourne relocation in 12 weeks time.

While it’s painful posting individual items online to sell, I started to see immediate benefits after selling a couple of things on the day I posted them. I still have a mountain of things to sell which will be sold at a flea market in a couple of weeks time. It’s nice to get cash for my things however I’m more interested in just getting rid of everything before I move.



  1. I sold a board game and handbag the day I posted the items online for $75 combined. The cash went straight to my emergency fund!
  2. While sorting through the clothes I set aside to sell/donate months ago, I re-discovered a pair of jeans I was going to sell as they were too long and slightly too small. I cut off the excess length and since I’ve lost a bit of weight so they fit perfectly!
  3. A beautiful new Italian coffee shop opened up along my walk to work which has early bird $2 take away coffee. Big frugal win as I get exercise by walking to work, save money on public transport and have a nice reward at the end of the trip!
  4. Both Saturday and Sunday I made lunch and dinner at home. Mr. Piggybanks and I went out both days for breakfast which is our weekend ritual.
  5. There was a promotion on laser hair removal so I saved 40% off something I was going to get anyway!
  6. I’m getting better at meal planning and reducing food waste, especially since I’m going to the grocery store multiple times a week. I hate the idea of throwing away food so having not thrown away any food this week is a big frugal and environment win!


Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 1.57.21 pm.png


  1. I bought the wrong size clothing from my Everlane shopping haul and had to pay for return shopping from Australia to the US which cost an enormous $71!! I get $45 refunded from Paypal however it still is very very expensive to be out of pocket by $26 with nothing to show for it. When I repurchase the correct sizes, an additional postage fee won’t be charged however.
  2. After months of trying to keep my herb garden alive and saving multiple herbs from a slow, overwatered death, my coriander has decided to kick the bucket. The basil is struggling and the parsley has revived itself after a bout in the sun, so fingers crossed they live to see another week.


How did your week go? Post your frugal wins and frugal fails below!


xx Miss Piggy


Cover illustration by Alex Tang and post illustrations by The Lust List

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  1. Mel says:

    I’m binging on your blog and just want to say how invested I am in your herbs lol cant wait to read the next update did they move to Melbourne with you? im doubting it 😀

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