September Spring Cleaning: Minimalism Challenge Final Day 10

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The September Spring Cleaning Challenge is finally done!

Mid-September, I had a mild panic attack about my Sydney to Melbourne relocation coming up in 3 months as I had no preparation done.

I didn’t want to end up reaching December with a whole pile of random stuff collecting dust which I’d have to frantically ditch or drag along with me to a completely new city. So, the decluttering challenge was born!

The aim of the minimalism challenge is to get rid of the number of items depending on the number of days you’ve done the challenge. On the first day, you need to get rid of one item, on the second day a total of two items and so on. The Minimalists bloggers created this game to help kick start a minimalist lifestyle and decluttering frenzy.

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Although I’ve done this before, this time it was a lot more emotional. I’m clearing away things that have reminded me of my life with Mr.Piggybanks in Sydney and all the good times we have had together.


I now understand how hard it is to let go of things even though they no longer add value to your life.


During this challenge I raided through every single room. The bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and bookshelves and study were all ruffled and tipped upside down and everything that fell out was either sold or donated or thrown. Although I’m still finding junk tucked away and hidden in corners, under tables and in drawers, I’ll have to leave this to sell at my flea market stall in a couple of weeks.

I finished the challenge by tackling my wardrobe. This has been a LONG time coming and still is a big mountain to climb. I posted four pairs of shoes, two leather pieces of clothing and a pull over online and then re-listed nine items which posts had expired.

Overall, total items posted online today: 16!


The final decluttering tally is:

Total items thrown: 25 + 11 + 6

Total items donated: 0

Total items sold: 4 + 16

Total items purged: 62


The challenge really drilled in the quantity of things that I have that I no longer use but continue to sit and (literally) gather dust bunnies. I’ve purged a lot of big things such as clothing, bags and shoes however there are many small things which I’ll need to sort through such as unused stationary, unused fabric rolls and random paperwork. There are always more things I can get rid of.


Are you decluttering at home or have decluttered recently? What are your tips for decluttering? I’d love to hear your comments so post below!


xx Miss Piggy


Cover illustration by Lena Ker and post illustration by The Lust List

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