7 Frugal Wins and 1 Frugal Fail

This week was my long weekend mini-vacation to Melbourne – the Hipster Capital of Australia – to spend time with my close friend and see the Christian Dior 70 Year Anniversary exhibition. While the trip was never intended to be a frugal trip, I still managed to sneak in some frugal wins!



  1. One morning at work, I had irritated eyes and had to rush out and buy emergency contact lenses. Lucky for me 95% was covered by health insurance!
  2. Finally went back to the gym this week after almost a month away. My muscles burned like a thousand suns afterwards which went to show how much muscle and fitness I had lost in that short period of time.
  3. I replaced a pair of staple low-heeled work shoes and threw out the old ones.
  4. On my Melbourne trip, I stayed at a friends house on my Melbourne holiday instead of paying for accommodation.
  5. To travel to and from the airport, I used public transport instead of taking a taxi.
  6. I didn’t buy any clothes during the entire holiday!
  7. I lost a poster which I bought at the Dior exhibition while checking my bags in at the airport. When I realised I rushed back to find someone had luckily handed it in to the check-in counter!



  1. Before going on holiday I bought a number of clothes from quality, minimalist online store Everlane before selling my old clothes. While most of pieces bought are to replace worn out pieces in my wardrobe, it was still an out-of-budget purchase.


What are your frugal wins and fails this week? List them below!


xx Miss Piggy


Cover illustration by Jessica Durrant

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