September Spring Cleaning: Minimalist Challenge Day 9

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Lingerie much nicer than the saggy grandma undies I threw out to declutter

This September I started a 10 Day Minimalist Challenge to kick-start the decluttering for my relocation to Melbourne. If you are new to my blog, start reading about it here.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 11.47.42 am

I spent most of the long weekend in Melbourne so my September Spring Clean was put on hold until I flew back in to Sydney this morning. As it was a spendy trip (eeeekk!), I realised I needed to start posting things on eBay and Gumtree (the Australian equivalent to Craigslist) to recoup some holiday expenses as well as plump up that emergency fund.

The countdown on my Melbourne relocation is now 3 months away so I need to start clearing away as much as I can so I avoid taking anything non-essential to my new city.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 10.34.44 am
In 3 months I’ll be relocation from Sydney to Melbourne

I’ve cleared out the bathroom and kitchen so far and thrown away 36 items. Today, I tackled the bookshelf, laundry and a part of my wardrobe although the wardrobe will be a work in progress given the quantity of things I need to get rid of.


As I bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner the other day, I threw out my crappy old Kmart one. I also recycled some old magazines and cards, threw out some saggy, very unattractive underwear and some worn out shoes. I posted a board game, a cookbook and 2 leather handbags on Gumtree so I’m hoping they sell soon! Total items thrown and posted online: 10!


So far, the decluttering tally is:

Total items thrown: 25 + 11 + 6

Total items donated: 0

Total items sold: 4

Total items purged: 46


For the final Day 10, I’m going to continue to tackle my wardrobe and post more items to sell and afterwards dig through the study.


Did you Spring Clean or declutter in September? Or planning to declutter this month? Post below!


xx Miss Piggy



Cover illustration by Lena Ker and post illustrations by The Lust List

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  1. Yes! We are busy decluttering to prepare for some home renovations this winter! This weekend we emptied out one closet and donated/sold/trashed 90% of it!

  2. That’s great! Renovations are a perfect reason to start to declutter as well. Goes to show how many things we actually use versus how many things we just have around taking up space!

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