4 Frugal Wins and 2 Frugal Fails

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I went a bit wild this week with spending. I bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner, new shoes, new clothes, a book and also travelling to Melbourne soon for a weekend getaway. Even though I’m very happy with all my purchases, my spending has been quite crazy that I’m worried that it’s going to impact my Net Worth at the end of the month.



  1. I used up an entire tub of yoghurt in record time before the expiry date. I mixed it with homemade rhubarb and orange compote and muesli and took it to work along with my packed lunch.
  2. I packed lunch for work or had free lunch on Monday (chorizo soup), Wednesday (chorizo soup), Friday (company conference). I bought take-away for the other two days.
  3. I bought another Madeleine Shaw’s Ready Steady Glow recipe book for meal planning! Ever since my friend recommended her cook books to me I’ve turned into the biggest fan. I already have this book which has been fantastic so I’m looking forward to my new book to arrive!
  4. Work had a mid-morning conference with a morning tea buffet afterwards. I was meant to go out for lunch with a colleague but we were both so full that we didn’t need to buy lunch.


  1. I went of a wild shopping spree recently buying a Dyson vacuum cleaner, new shoes and lots of new quality basics from Everlane. While everything I have bought I’ve wanted for a long time and is adding value to my life or replacing worn items (no regrets!!) they did add up to a lot of money which I hadn’t prepared for with a sinking fund.
  2. Last frugal fail – I still haven’t yet sold the item’s I’ve set aside to sell on eBay… time to declutter is running short before the Melbourne move!


What have your frugal wins and fails for the week been?

xx Miss Piggy



Cover illustration by Lena Ker and post illustrations by The Lust List

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