5 Frugal Wins and 1 Frugal Fail

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This week has been a big improvement on previous weeks. As I’ve recovered from the flu, my convenience spending and frugal fails has decreased!



  1. Had breakfast at work everyday and brought lunch to work 4 days this week, so minimised spending on take-away.
  2. Haven’t eaten out for dinner at all and instead cooked dinner every night for Mr. Piggybanks and I.
  3. Credit card frequent flyer bonus points came through after reaching the minimum spend requirements so my purpose of getting a credit card has actualised!
  4. Mr. Piggybanks and I pre-paid our gas and electricity bills a couple of years ago and ended up having more than $1000 credit in our account. This month, our credit finally ran out and we received our first bill in over a year and a half!
  5. I invested in a quality Dyson vacuum cleaner after my Kmart vacuum cleaner died. Over the past 2 years we’ve bought two cheap Kmart vacuum cleaners which had both died. To put it simply, buy it nice or buy it twice!



  1. This week has been pretty frugal however I have taken public transport more than expected due to being exhausted instead of walking to and from work. I’ve spent a lot more on public transport recently however as the weather has warmed up I’m looking forward to the early morning walks.



How did your week go? Did you have any frugal wins or fails?

xx Miss Piggy



Cover illustration by Jessica Durrant and post illustration by The Lust List.


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