September Spring Cleaning: Minimalist Challenge Days 7 – 8

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This week I started a10 Day Minimalist Challengeto kick-start the decluttering for my relocation to Melbourne. If you are new to my blog, start reading about ithere.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 11.47.42 am

On Sunday, I raided thebathroom and threw out 25 items, mainly old skincare, haircare and make-up bottles which I re-discovered after digging through every drawer and making sure no drawer was left unturned.

The kitchen was the next room I tackled this evening. As I’ve become better with meal prepping this year, I’ve had much less food wastage than previous years and since learned how to keep and store fresh food.


I’m much more environment and resource conscious and really hate to see anything go to waste, so the kitchen is one of my most efficient areas.

There wasn’t much to throw out as almost everything in the kitchen I use regularly or will be eaten. However, as I rummaged through the kitchen junk drawer and threw out random cookie cutters, paint brushes, egg holders, old stationary and lighters. From the pantry, I threw out some over ripe fruit, old Christmas sweet foods and from the freezer an old Christmas ham and various breads which have lived in our freezer for way too long.

Counting the perishable foods from the pantry, freezer and fruit bowl as 2 units, I threw out 11 items from the kitchen, completing Day 7 and 8 of the 10 Day Minimalist Challenge.

Total items thrown: 25 + 11

Total items donated: 0

Total items sold: 0

Total items purged: 36

What are your thoughts on my Spring Clean? Do you have any ideas that I should try? Or are you undertaking your own Minimalist Challenge or purge? Comment below!

xx Miss Piggy

Cover illustration by Judith van Hoek and post illustrations by The Lust List

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