September Spring Cleaning: Minimalist Challenge Days 1 – 6

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This September I’ve starting a 10 Day Spring Cleaning Minimalist Challenge to prepare myself for my Melbourne relocation in 3 months time.

It’s time to declutter and purge all my unwanted, unused items that are accumulating dust bunnies and space. On Day 1 I’ll remove 1 item, on Day 2 I’ll remove 2 items and so on so by the end of the Challenge I will have removed a total of 55 items.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 11.45.26 am

To say the least this is a very emotional decluttering as I’m removing things that hold memories of a big chapter of my life, including many things that remind me of my life shared with Mr. Piggybanks here in Sydney.




Today’s victim is the bathroom.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 4.05.20 pm

I spent a few hours on Sunday going through each drawer in the bathroom. Since my first Minimalist Challenge in January where I threw out bags of old make-up, skincare and clothes, I didn’t think I had accumulated that much in the past 9 months.  How wrong I was!

I threw out bottles of skincare that didn’t suit my skin type, used bottles of deodorant, multiple eyeshadow pallets, old mascara and lipsticks, hair products and curlers, broken costumer jewellery and old perfume bottles. The most random find? The broken remote for my old car!


Total items thrown: 25

Total items donated: 0

Total items sold: 0

Total items purged: 25


Do you regularly declutter or have you taken part in a Minimalist Challenge before? Post below!


xx Miss Piggy


Cover illustration by Lena Ker and post illustrations by The Lust List


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