September Spring Cleaning: 10 Day Minimalist Challenge

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Guys, the panic has set in.


My Melbourne relocation is happening at the beginning of January next year and my wardrobe is still full of too small clothes and unwanted accessories; my bathroom littered with half-full skincare bottles and cake-like near-new make-up; the kitchen filled with utensils that were used once and then squirrelled away to the back to the back of that kitchen drawer that houses all the random bits and bobs.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 10.34.44 am.png

In three and a half months time I’ll be taking over a suitcase and mattress and re-starting my life in another corner of the country for work.

Some people have bigger career, relationship and life goals; my current goal in life is to simply avoid becoming a dung beetle who brings all her shit with her.

So here starts my second Minimalist Challenge where I purge all the shameful impulse buys away and attempt to not bring it back into my life.


The Challenge is like this: on the first day you remove 1 item from your life either by selling, donating or throwing; on the second day, 2 things need to be removed; on the third day 3 things need to be removed and so on and so forth. The iconic Minimalists created this challenge and you can read more about it here.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 11.47.42 am.png

But! Here’s the catch. Unlike last time where I delayed posting the items I wanted to sell on eBay until after the challenge, I’m forcing myself to post as I go along. This way I’m avoiding procrastinating and sitting on the clothes months after the challenge or changing my mind and keeping for sentimental reasons.

All the money I make from selling my stuff is going straight to building my emergency fund so I have some extra padding before the move.


Wish me luck and stay posted! Have you recently purged any items or decluttered? Comment below!


xx Miss Piggy



Cover illustration by Kelly Beeman


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