5 Frugal Wins and 3 Frugal Fails

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  1. I’ve starting cooking fresh seasonal meals multiple times a week (yes this also means going grocery shopping many, many times a week as well). This is a frugal win because I’ve noticed that the cost of meals has dropped significantly because the vegetables are in abundance and very cheap. I bought the Madeleine Shaw cookbook ‘A Year of Beautiful Eating’ after it was recommended by a friend and have loved all the recipes!
  2. I saved $100 on flights by price matching and receiving an additional 10% off! My first time price matching flights and it was an easy and smooth process.
  3. My birthday celebrations finally happened, despite still recovering from the flu. I timed the celebrations with Vogue Fashion Night Out, where retailers have free drinks, food, gift bags and pop-up stalls throughout the CBD to celebrate the event. Total cost of the unlimited cocktails and food? $0.
  4. I bought some flu tablets from the pharmacy and paid $0 as I had a loyalty voucher I could redeem.
  5. I bought some more Nespresso pods for work which cost $0.75 a coffee instead of $3.50. My new desk is closer to the kitchen so even better!



  1. I didn’t sign up to a credit card for the free points. The annual fee was $99 with 30,000 free points (which would have covered a domestic return flight) however having just started using a credit card last month I wasn’t ready to sign up for another without having the credit card hacking habits down pat. Plus, I would be out of pocket by $99 and may have not received the points in time to redeem them before booking. Either way, it was a frugal fail however because I’ve had to pay close to hundreds of dollars for flights instead of $99.
  2. I didn’t switch over my superannuation to another fund manager. It’s been on my to do list for a long time however haven’t dedicated enough time to researching other superannuation funds. I settled on changing the asset diversification instead as an intermediate fix.
  3. In my second week of this terrible flu, I haven’t been to the gym in over 3 weeks. Fail!


How has your week been? What are your frugal wins and fails?

xx Miss Piggy


Cover illustration by Jenny Walton


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