Five Things I Don’t Waste My Money On Anymore

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As I inch my way towards financial security (and soon financial independence!) I’ve noticed gradual changes in my spending habits which have positively affected my bank balance. My spending has become more intentional and things that don’t add value or have value in my life have slowly been cut out and forgotten.

Here are five things that I don’t spend money on anymore:


ONE: Bank overdraft fees

In the past 12 months I’ve spend $80 on bank overdraft fees and interest, most of the time for being overdraft for less than a day. I’ve since cancelled my overdraft function back in August and switched to a credit card, which has 55 days interest-free. This way I won’t incur any fees between expenses and an automatic payment being transferred in.


TWO: Gender-specific bathroom products

Mr. Piggybanks and I share the same bath products including shower gel, shampoo and packet of razors (we don’t share the same individual razor because that’s gross).  Even when I run out of deodorant I’ll use his! Sharing products means less clutter in the bathroom (though most of it is from me ha) for products just as delicious smelling without the higher cost of buying products marketed and priced higher specifically for women.


THREE: Experimenting with make-up and skincare

Having very sensitive skin has the added problem that any change in beauty products or skincare creates a hideous breakout and mass rejection from my pores so I stick to what works for my skin and avoid experimenting. My face wash is the Avene XeraCalm hyper-sensitive cleansing oil which suits my ecsma- and acne prone skin perfectly. It’s on the higher price end for a face wash but will last for 6 months. My go-to daily make-up is all from Nude by Nature which suits sensitive skins as it’s natural, synthetic-free and mainly chemical-free. I’ve been using both these brands for years and time and time again prove to be quality products to invest in.



FOUR: Fresh flowers

While I loved getting fresh flowers every weekend at the local markets this would set me back $10-$15 for a bunch. While I won’t rule out buying fresh flowers again, it’s more of an irregular treat than a regular occurrence in the apartment. I’ve switched fresh flowers to a mini herb garden, however given that I’m terrible at taking care of plants the cost of constantly replacing dying plants may end up being the same as buying fresh flowers every week…


FIVE: Bad quality shoes

I used to be a cheap shoe fanatic and frequenting cheap shoe stores was my addiction. Since moving to Sydney and walking everywhere instead of driving, my feet take a good beating and need quality shoes to keep them going and last the miles that I walk everyday. Investing in good, quality shoes last longer and keep my feet healthy and in good shape. Having had to wear orthotics for years as a child, paying more upfront for better shoes is worth the investment.


What items have you stopped buying? Comment below!

xx Miss Piggy


Cover illustration by Rene Grau and post illustrations by The Lust List


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  1. teaandstripedpyjamas says:

    I’m the same! This is like reading my own life, particularly the skin care and cheap shoes!

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