3 Frugal Wins and 4 Frugal Fails

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  1. I made dinner at home everyday this week with leftovers and basic groceries.
  2. I saved money on cocktails and drinks this weekend for my birthday celebration as I’m down with the flu. Not so much fun but there’s nothing I’d rather do than have hot tea and rug up on the couch.
  3. While frugal bloggers discourage grocery shopping more than once a week because it leads to increased spending, I’ve been taking 3 or 4 trips to the grocery store during the week. I’m enjoying meal planning and eating seasonal, fresh and healthy food instead of frozen (then re-heated) food I’ve made weeks ago. Seasonal food also ends up being much, much cheaper as it’s in abundance!




  1. I bought breakfast 4 days out of 5 and take-away lunch out 3 days out of 5 this week. I came back from holidays late Sunday night and haven’t had time to cook for the week.
  2. I broke my shopping ban for my trip to Hobart as the weather was freezing. I bought a faux-fur big shearling coat and lambskin gloves to survive the snow and icy wind. My existing wardrobe wouldn’t have coped with that weather so both purchases saved me from freezing my butt off!
  3. I paid $40 for a parking fine for a rental car for Hobart after parking our car outside our Airbnb for 20 minutes while meeting the host. For a tiny city, the parking officers are very quick!
  4. I’ve only been to the gym once in the past 2 weeks due to holidays and the flu. Not going to the gym and eating take-away regularly is the ultimate frugal fail!


What are your frugal wins and fails this week?

xx Miss Piggy



Cover illustration by Kelly Beeman. Post illustrations by Holly Exley.

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