5 Frugal Wins and 3 Frugal Fails

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This week was a lot of fun and very eventful! One of my closest friends came to visit Sydney and stayed with me for the week, my gym class attendance increased and my fitness improved. The ultimate win this week was the many, many *free* cocktails I had thanks to free fashion events and friends hosting at their house instead of going out!



  1. I packed lunch to work 4 times this week except Tuesday as I went out for a burger lunch with a friend.
  2. Instead of going out Saturday night, my friend hosted at her place and we all brought over some wine and cheese. Although the taxis there and back cost a lot each way, I spent $15 on cheese and crackers instead of hundreds in a night on drinks at a bar.
  3. My visiting friend and I stayed in Friday night to pamper ourselves with beauty products, watch fashion documentaries and eat amazing home cooked pasta, cheese, paté and berries.
  4. A friend invited us to a fashion event mid-week which unexpectedly provided free, unlimited Aperol spritz cocktails, cured meats, cheese and canapés. A night out like this would have easily cost $200 if this was at a bar/restaurant.
  5. My week was very active, including going to the gym 3 times this week on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday, walking 4km to and from the Art Gallery to see the Archibald Prize and hiking the 6km Bondi to Bronte coastal walk on Sunday.
Image credit to Holly Exley




  1. To continue my frugal fails of my first attempt at a herb garden, I decided to give my 4 sad herb pot plants some sunlight during the day and left them out during the day while I was at work. That day happened to be the day Sydney had cyclonic weather with winds at 100km per hour which my sad herbs couldn’t survive. My herbs are now brown twigs in my kitchen which I’m desperately trying to revive.
  2. When Mr. Piggy Banks and I tried to book our flights to Hobart for a long weekend, the airline had a glitch in the system. We tried twice and it didn’t work. We booked a couple of days later and flights had increased by $80 per person.
  3. I’ve already spent $50 on public transport this month. I need to walk more often to work which can cut down on this unnecessary expense given the walk is only 30 minutes each way.
Image credit to The Lust List


What are your frugal wins and fails this week?


xx Miss Piggy


Cover illustration by Jessica Durrant

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  1. Sounds like a pretty good week! As to the airline issue, maybe you can request a partial refund because the glitch was on their end? Just a suggestion, but, the next time something like that happens, you can take a screenshot of the glitch and send it later when asking them to honor the original price.

  2. Thanks Migel! I didn’t think taking a screenshot at the time but will do that next time 🙂

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