How to Turn Every Long-Haul Flight into a Low-Cost Spa Opportunity


One of my pet peeves is arriving at your destination after a long-haul flight and looking and smelling like a banshee. No-one wants to arrive at their refreshing holiday get-away feeling like they want to get away from their own lack of shower and airplane breath.

How is it that some people arrive at their destination after a long-haul flight looking like grubs and others look like they would walk into the cover of Vogue?

Miranda Kerr also transforms from grub to beautiful butterfly in-flight thanks to Miss Piggy’s amazing suggestions. Pity Miranda has no idea who Miss Piggy is.



As I embark on my 15-hour long-haul flight to the Philippines tonight, I thought I’d share my tried and tested in-flight, low-cost beauty routine. With a number of flights under my belt I use my low-cost beauty regime to turn your airport arrival gate into a runway.


Image credit to Alicia Malesani


First of all, I recommend having your travel spa bag in your handbag under your seat instead of in the overhead locker. It’s more convenient and easily accessible than having to climb over other passengers to get your stuff and then climb right back over to perfume and spritz their airspace.


In my toiletries bag, I’m bringing:

  • Small packet of make-up wipes or baby-wipes: ~$2
  • Talcum power (used as dry shampoo): ~$1.50
  • Melatonin (natural remedy for sleep): ~$20 for a large bottle = $0.20 per pill. You’ll need a handful for the trip.
  • Face mask: Free sample
  • Face serum (optional): From home
  • Moisturiser: From home
  • Pimple cream (optional): From home
  • Eye mask: From home as I wear one every night
  • Basic make-up kit (Concealer, compact powder, brow pencil, mascara, lip balm): From home
  • Roll-on deodorant: From home
  • Roll-on, sample size or solid perfume: From home
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste & mouthwash: From home
  • Total out-of-pocket cost: $4.50


And the beauty regime begins:

  1. Shower right before leaving for the airport. That’s right, the fresher the better as you’ll be butt-planted in the same cheap-airline cardboard-like seat for 15 hours. Doesn’t matter if you’ve had 5 showers that day, take another one. You need to be fresh as a baby’s bottom before you fly.
  2. After take-off and after the seat-belt light turns off, remove all your make-up with your wipes. Apply sample face mask and leave on for 20 minutes. Order salad and use cucumbers for your eyes. Eat rest of the salad (jokes, but if Airasia provided salad for free I would do this).
  3. Remove mask with water in the tiny airport cubicle or use make-up wipes.
  4. Put serum/moisturiser on face and moisturise all those nobly body bits like elbows, feet and hands which dry out easily in the plane aircon. Put on any pimple cream. Apply your perfume for effect.
  5. Put eye mask on and pop some melatonin pills. Sleep!
  6. 30 minutes before landing (when they announce in on the intercom), head to the tiny cubicle again. Hopefully by this time it will have been cleaned just before the landing. Win!
  7. Brush teeth, rise mouth and wash face. Apply face serum again and basic make-up. Powder any oily hair using talcum powder and deodorise your smelly pits.
  8. Walk off airplane and strut your beautiful, preened face on the tarmac runway feeling like a Mustachian Millionaire Model!


Do you have any long-haul flight beauty tips? I’d love to hear them so pop the comments below!


xx Miss Piggy


Cover illustration by The Lust List.





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