College Students: The Original Frugal Pioneers

If you plant pasta and water it with alcohol, a university student will grow.

Gone are the days of pulling all nighters, working on the shop floor for peanuts and living in your teenage bedroom in your parents house, however there are some valuable lessons I’m (re-)learning from my university days, courtesy of my university friends:


  1. Being poor sucks. Don’t be stupid enough and romanticise the poor. No one dreams of poverty and Art students are testament to that. Find a job that has potential to grow and earn you a decent salary as you build your skills. Being on a graduate salary is acceptable for a couple of years out of graduating but quickly grows old as you find you can’t afford the same things as your peers, struggle to support a family or can’t afford to investment.027e6787599cf8fc5b7a140d96ef349e0e590d4f0ce9108145add5aa2148cfed.jpg
  2. A dollar will stretch as far as you want it to go. Only $10 left until payday and a week of meals to go? That Arts student can stretch a grain of rice as far as their leftist hopes and dreams.572278.jpg
  3. Alcohol is optional. And where it is not, it’s ok to let your standards drop. Can’t afford wine with dinner? Goon will do, and also doubles as a useful silvery pillow if you need to pass out somewhere.16195732_1118815264911872_6332378392709357544_n.jpg
  4. If university students can afford to travel, working adults can afford it to travel and more. Just like you can afford to buy that bag/make-up/take-away lunch/dinner and wine. The reason you feel you can’t afford it is because you don’t prioritise it and waste your money on other things. What do you want more – things or experiences?16406817_1124732414320157_547130285337452137_n.jpg
  5. When everyone is a poor student there is no shame in being a poor student. However, if you’re still poor years after graduating and earning a full-time salary, then the problem is you and your lifestyle. Unless your putting that extra money towards building a future (like a business), then time to cut down on your lifestyle expenses and start saving some of your pay.


xx Miss Piggy

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