I’m Kicking Myself

After completing a very disciplined and frugal February, I’m kicking myself for splurging last night. What started off as a catchup over a quiet drink after work ended up being a great catchup over many, many cocktails and stumbling back home in a fuzzy stupor. The great night came with a big shock in the morning as I hesitantly logged into my bank account to see the damage.

My fuzzy hungover mind started to piece together the night, counting one margarita, two margarita, three margarita… onwards and upwards. I started to count the cost of the cocktails and taxis home, hovering my finger over my banking app, waiting for my worst fears to become reality.

Thinking I had spent much much less than what I did, my reaction was:


Calculating the cost of cocktails ($96) taxis ($21.64), I spent $117.64 for the night. OUCH!

It was a such a fun night but the cost of going out in addition to the heinous hangover I had this morning was a piercing reminder of why I did Dry February and stopped drinking in the first place.

Going forward, I’m going to entertain at home instead of going out – cheaper, more convenient and just as fun!


xx Miss Piggy


Cover Illustration by Judith van den Hoek


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  1. cashsmash says:

    Do your friends know you are being frugal for a goal? Set yourself a limit if you do want to go out with friends. I typically will have 1 beer then switch to soda water or something. So I can still be social. It’s mostly for good health but it helps the wallet also. What are you doing for march?

  2. Miss Piggy says:

    Some friends are fine with being frugal, others are not due to their own lifestyle choices so I’ve been selective with whom I share my FIRE and frugal goals. I still go out and enjoy myself but it’s also about learning to restrain myself and limit my drink intake!

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