Cutting the Crap: The Beginning of My Alcohol Ban

drunk gid.gif

Another month, another commitment to change my old habits and test new onesThis month I’m on a 28 Day No Alcohol Challenge, starting from February 1st to February 28th.

I actually strongly considered not writing about this challenge for the main reason that if I wanted to break it and have a glass of wine, then I wouldn’t be accountable to anyone except myself. And that is exactly why I’m writing about this… 8 days in.

Turning my life around is not just about watching my finances and stopping impulse shopping. Year 2017 is a lifestyle change – a no excuses, no bullshit, go forth and conquer attitude to life, career and relationships.


As the biggest commitment-phobe and flakiest person around (except when it comes to relationships where I’m so needy and clingy I’ll suffocate you with my love), my goal this year is to commit. Just that. When shit hits the fan, I’ll be there shovelling the shit. When the going gets tough, I’ll be the toughest one going.

That’s right. This year I’m making a commitment to see everything I do right until the end. As a flaky, flee-when-it-gets-too-hard person… This. Is. Massive. 

No more slurring over-enthusiastic and aggressively loving compliments to equally drunk girlfriends:

giphy (1).gifgiphy (2).gif

No more white girl wasted:


giphy (4).gif

No more spinning rooms and deathly hangovers in the mornings:

giphy (3).gif

So, why am I doing a 28 Day Dry February? A few reasons:

  1.  While I had a great time last year, I realised I spent the majority of my weekends either being drunk or hungover. I don’t want to waste any more time doing things that don’t add value to my life.
  2. These big weekends were often my way to distract myself and postpone doing what did actually create value in my life due to fear of failure, success and social FOMO.
  3. Being drunk had negative physical and financial consequences including weight gain, bad and regular acne breakouts, feeling hungover and groggy all weekend, anxiety from what my bank balance will look like the morning after, wasting tens of thousands of dollars on entertainment (see post), not remembering what happened the night before or remembering doing stupid shit.


So today marks one week in! Whooo! I actually haven’t had a drink since two weekends ago however I won’t count those extra days, I’ll just humble brag about it :p

Last year I attempted cutting out alcohol for a month. It lasted 4 working weekdays, then it hit Friday night and I was dropping my alcohol-ban and picking up a nice crisp glass of Pinot Grigio. This year, it has been surprisingly easy. I was expecting big urges for a glass of wine or craving to go out and sip, sip, sip my sobriety away but instead felt very comfortable not drinking and many times happy to not go out.

It’s helped that I stayed away from the bars and clubs last weekend, however I’ve still gone out and enjoyed myself. Last Friday, I went to the gym after work and then went straight home afterwards. Saturday was spent picking up my online shopping haul from the Post Office, cleaning the apartment and cooking some meals for the week. Sunday, I went to an all-day sewing class which was in a stifling hot, non air-conditioned room so the last thing I wanted to do was drink.

More importantly, to help ease myself into this challenge, I started a mocktail collection. One of my main enjoyments from drinking is the experience of drinking a cocktail – dressing up for a night out and drinking a delicious concoctions from beautiful glassware – so I needed to find a substitute for this to avoid slipping back into old ways. I bought different waters (coconut, rose, orange blossom), an Elderflower cordial, lychees, watermelon, mint to start. Some mocktails were a disaster while others were delicious so it’s a tasty and fun learning curve for me. This month I’ll get a cocktail shaker and some martini glasses to add to the collection.

For the recipes for these mocktails, click here.

This weekend I’m heading out with the girls, so it will be a test of my willpower and determination to not slip back into my old ways. After all, I have to report back to you guys!


Stay posted!


Read my next post about my alcohol-free February here!


xx Miss Piggy



Cover illustration by Holly Exley. 

6 Comments Add yours

  1. youmeanme says:

    I’m on an unplanned ban and after a bit of bridling under the new order it’s not as awful as I expected. Though I’m finding that without the benefit of a shot my drinks are super sweet so I’m getting a lot less sugar now too 🙂

  2. Miss Piggy says:

    Hi youmeanme! It’s great to hear another person isn’t finding it too bad either 🙂 i found the same thing – drinks are SO sweet as most cocktails have a syrup base. I’m still experimenting with how to reduce the sugar without compromising on the taste, so if you have any mocktail recipes feel free to share them with me 😀

  3. youmeanme says:

    I’ve been having loads of flavoured teas – not the same thing but a mint mojito tea at 4 pm is soothing and makes me feel fancy 😀

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