Where did all my money go?

I was talking to a colleague this week about what she had planned for her up-coming Australia Day and annual leave holidays. For one of her holidays, she was organising a weekend get-away for her boyfriend’s birthday and for the other days off there were back-to-back exciting adventurous activities from paint-balling, dinners with friends ($100 min every time), yoga, abseiling to nights out on the town.


She desperately wanted to book an incredible luxury tree-house hotel room in the countryside for the weekend get-away, but was stopped by the $900 a night fee. ‘It’s amazing but so expensive! I’m always broke! I can’t afford to save! It’s not that I don’t want to save, I can’t afford to save!’.  Her reason was that she paid $1000 in student debt repayments every month, and left her nothing left no pennies left to put aside for a rainy day.

Now I’m not sure exactly what her monthly pay was, but I’m guessing that it’s quite a bit more than my own salary. So, you can guess what I was thinking… dinners, expensive holidays, paint-balling, drinks....all her talk about not being able to save was pretty bullshit to me.


At this point I recommended using a budgeting app to help out with her expenses, but ‘it was focused on how much I had to save not how much I could spend’ in her very own words.

Whether they are talking about their financial situation, weight, relationships, career progression, these types of people all are the same. They may be amazing partners, caring friends, amazing employees, but in life they constantly make excuses for their situation and point the blame to others which only hurts themselves in the end.

These are the same kind of people that complain that it’s impossible lose weight but reward themselves with a heavy brunch and sugary juice after going to yoga in their activewear. They complain about how they are mistreated in their relationships but then encourage bad behaviour by tolerating it and not leaving. They complain about being constantly broke but have take-away lunch every day, drop $100 on dinner, long weekend get-aways every other weekend and expensive apartments which they rent.


For anyone earning more than minimum wage in Sydney, it is so easy it is to put money aside and invest once you become aware of exactly where every cent of my money goes. Those who complain about a lack of money often make excuses for their lifestyle choices – that their expensive lifestyle choices are set, overhead costs which are non-negotiable.

I’m always amazed about how easy it is to improve your own situation once you stop making excuses for yourself, accept the current situation and take slow and steady actions to improve it. If you enjoy spending that money on lifestyle that’s perfectly fine – just claim it, accept it, don’t make excuses for it. It takes a lot of self-discipline and many uncomfortable self-realisations, but it’s the only way to find a starting point and start moving forward financially, physically, mentally.


xx Miss Piggy



Illustrations by Megan Hess and Holly Exley

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