15 Day Minimalist Challenge: Day 14 & 15

Today marks the 15th day of the year and the final day of the Minimalist Challenge.

I’ve sold, donated or thrown 135 items in the past 15 days – literally de-cluttering my wardrobe, bathroom, study and fridge of my physical and emotional baggage. Everything I have left are things I use regularly, value highly or give me a lot of happiness. There is no more room for waste.

These last two days have been the easiest. I knew the last hurdle would be de-cluttering my sewing studio which I hadn’t sewn in for over a year and a half while always telling myself ‘I’ll get back into it this week/month/year’. I finally dug into the depths of my studio and removed old fabric and beads which I knew I never would use again and wouldn’t miss.

This challenge never felt like deprivation, instead gave me clarity of certain purchasing habits (buying shit for example) or what the clutter represented (keeping things as an excuse to procrastinate).

The two biggest lessons I learned was:

  • You get what you pay for, so you might as well invest the money into something that will last.
  • Buying things can be a distraction to a larger goal. Instead of focusing on ‘doing’, these distractions (e.g. reading motivation books, starting other side projects, or even going out all the time) often made me feel like I was achieving something when I was actually completely procrastinating.

I’ve already started to think carefully and critically about what I need, focusing on buying only quality items and things that I will get a lot of use out of for a long time. No more impulse purchases. No more distractions. 100% focus on the bigger picture.



The last mile:

Donated: 38

  • 25 rolls of fabric pieces and off-cuts
  • 13 packets of beads and ribbons

Threw: 6

  • 6 unused random laundry and cleaning accessories

Total items thrown/donated: 44


Minimalism Challenge Summary:

  • Total items thrown/donated/sold: 135!
  • Days covered: 15

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